Land Surveying


ForeSight has the staff and abilities to handle all your topographical surveying needs. Our past projects have included surveys on sites ranging in size from one to 100 acres.


ForeSight is very capable in conducting complicated surveys in large, complex environments requiring thorough and complete location of all utilities above and below ground.


Boundary surveys—often determining who owns what—are at the very heart of ForeSight’s services. We’ve helped resolve numerous complicated boundary issues on projects throughout northeast Indiana.

ALTA land-title surveys

A project may require a more demanding survey because of complex financial arrangements. ForeSight has extensive experience in meeting the exacting standards of the American Land Title Association. We’ve completed ALTA surveys on a wide variety of sites earmarked for commercial and industrial uses, as well as retirement communities.

Residential subdivision

ForeSight has completed site work for residential-subdivision projects ranging from the splitting a single lot to create two parcels to a 60-lot phase.

Commercial subdivision

ForeSight has completed numerous development plans for commercial-subdivision master planning.

Construction services

ForeSight offers a wide range of construction services to facilitate building layout, roadway staking, utilities, earthwork, and storm sewers.


ForeSight will survey what’s already been constructed to ascertain any additional needs, such as utilities and retention basins.


We’re more than happy to meet with clients to review possible projects and to determine the scope of services required.


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