Civil Engineering

Site Analysis & Selection

With so many requirements for improving any site, it’s important to investigate all impacts on the project schedule to arrive at a realistic approach to a project. ForeSight can assist in analyzing the feasibility of a project site from a number of perspectives, including budget, zoning, infrastructure, demographics, and much more.

Site Design & Development

By providing innovative solutions and efficient designs, ForeSight ensures that new projects will work well with the conditions of the project site and surrounding uses. We provide comprehensive site planning, layout, and landscaping for commercial, residential, educational, institutional, and many other types of development. We incorporate community development and long-term planning issues to ensure that the approval process is as smooth as possible.

Stormwater Management

Maintaining an advanced base of knowledge of new stormwater-management products and design technology allows ForeSight to accommodate many more types of developments on varying project sites. Continuing to be environmentally conscious allows us to reduce the impacts to project sites, and that also reduces costs. Our experience includes private and public storm-sewer and detention systems for multiple types of facilities, subdivisions, and other development. We create comprehensive drainage plans for long-term development and provide complete analysis of existing systems.

Roadways & Transportation

Whether planning phases for residential subdivisions, providing safe parking and drive areas for education facilities, trucking routes for industrial applications, or creating functional access for any new facility, ForeSight has worked with many public agencies and has a complete understanding of the requirements for transportation design.

Utilities & Infrastructure

Our experience includes both private services and public-utility projects. We have the capability to fully design sanitary-sewer and water services for any type of commercial site, residential subdivision, or public-works project. We’ve worked with many public and private utility companies to establish requirements and avoid construction delays.


Due to our own personal experience and our evaluation of clients’ concerns, we’ve made permitting a focus for all projects. We provide full services associated with the processes for zoning, development plans, and platting.


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