Measuring Success

ForeSight Consulting expands its regional presence with thoughtful acquisition that delivers on its value promise

By Tammy Davis


Measurements play a critical role to surveyors and civil engineers; getting it right can determine whether a project will succeed or fail. But how a surveyor measures his own success may be less clear cut. For Todd Bauer, president of ForeSight Consulting, it means being able to offer a quality product to more people.

“My end goal is to be a regional resource,” says Bauer. “We deliver a high-quality product and a depth of experience that we want to continue to grow.”

Part of Bauer’s growth strategy includes thoughtful acquisition. When an established surveying firm with a similar professional philosophy is ready to sell, Bauer is ready to talk.

“We’re somewhat selective because the survey and engineering philosophy have to match our standards and work,” explains Bauer. “The end result should be a win for everyone, especially the customer.”

Records play a huge role when Bauer evaluates the ‘fit’ of a particular company. Surveys, research notes, land records, and other documentation give ForeSight a foundation from which to build and help ensure consistency over time. Bauer is not interested in simply buying market share; he wants to acquire knowledge.

“If we have the records, we already have a foundation to start from,” says Bauer. “Then there’s consistency and we can be less disruptive. It always allows us to get things done faster when we have the original records.”

Recently Bauer found a match in Sexton & Associates in Noble County. After more than 35 years in business, the company’s founder was ready to focus on other commitments. He approached Bauer, who immediately realized that Sexton & Associates would be a good fit for ForeSight Consulting.

Bauer explains, “Sexton was well established, did good quality work, and had a good reputation in the area. And though we already enjoyed a presence in Noble County, this enhances our opportunity to serve that community better.”

He feels honored to be able to carry on Sexton’s work, while also enhancing it with technology upgrades, improved communication, and civil engineering services.

“For someone to hand off his work product, it’s really a statement of trust,” says Bauer. “Most of his adult professional career was put into this business.”

Bauer could say the same for himself; he has built his career on moving ForeSight Consulting forward.  Offering surveying services, civil engineering, specialty consultation, and litigation expertise to the communities of northeast Indiana, he measures his success by the communities he serves.

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